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classic Eyelash Extensions

Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions now available. Perfect for all ages and events; whether you want longer or thicker lashes. Using high quality silk eyelashes, medical grade glue for a guaranteed stunning look. They DO NOT ruin your natural lashes unless you pull them off. The extensions will grow out and shed with your natural lash. To keep your beautiful lashes topped up looking full you'll need to get infills every 2-3 weeks. If you have pale/blonde eyelashes it is recommended to get an Eyelash Tint to darken them to match the eyelash extensions.

 Before your appointment:
Be sure to set aside 1 and a half hours for your appointment.
Please do not wear any eye make up to your appointment
Do not wear contact lenses please wear glasses or bring extra lenses
Inform me of any eye conditions/infections before your appointment as this treatment may not be suitable
Isn't advisable if you have severe back problems or are heavily pregnant as you will be laying down flat on your back for the duration of the treatment.
Plan your days accordingly - no swimming, saunas or steam rooms 24 hours after the eyelash extensions have been applied.

Eyelash Tint
Eyelash tinting is beneficial for women who do not have naturally dark lashes, sporty women and those that swim regularly or if you are going on holiday and want to achieve the look of dark lashes without applying mascara all the time. It also sustains a more natural looking result than mascara as it doesnt smudge.
Eyelash tint lasts for around 3-5 weeks.

Eyebrow Tint
Eyebrow tinting is a great treatment for women who simply want to give their eyebrows a bit of definition and enhance the appearance of their eyes, particularly women who have fair eyebrows. If you dont have time to apply make up daily especially eyebrow pencil, then this is the treatment for you. The tint will last for approx 2-4 weeks.

Eyebrow Tweeze
Tweezing is a non painful hair removal treatment. Involves tweezing the hairs to frame and accentuate the eyes, giving a 'lifted' appearance.
Eyebrows that have been shaped suitable for your own face shape can define your face and give a more groomed appearance. Lasts up to 10 days.

Eyebrow Wax
Eyebrow wax is a quick and smooth form of hair removal. Will last up to 2-4 weeks.


Eyelash Extensions - £35.00 - 1.5 hours

Removal - £5.00 

Eyelash Infills - £20.00 - After 2-3 weeks - 45 mins/1 hour

Eyelash Tint - £8.00 - 30 minutes

Eyebrow Tint - £7.00 - 15 minutes

Eyebrow Tweeze - £7.00 - 20 minutes

Eyebrow Wax - £5.00
- 15 minutes

*All tint treatments must have a patch test done 12 hours prior to appointment. Patch test takes 5 minutes*